About Us

Created in 1967 as the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CE&B), CE&B was charged with "enhancing the quality of clinical research through fostering rigorous scientifically valid clinicalresearch methods and their application in the Faculty." Through its graduate-education program, the Department trained a generation of scientists who went on to successful research careers in the Faculty of Health Sciences and internationally, helping propel its reputation. CE&B's clinical trials and epidemiology research projects led to breakthroughs in understanding and to fundamental changes in clinical practice, and helped transform the clinical-research paradigm.

HEI's original masters graduate program (with clinical and nonclinical streams) grew to include both a MSc and a PhD in Health Research Methodology, a Master of Public Health, a residency program in Public Health and Preventive Medicine, an online Graduate Diploma in Clinical Epidemiology, an interdisciplinary Health Policy PhD Program, and leadership in the interdisciplinary eHealth MSc Program.

HEI is forging a new integrated approach to research "from bench to bedside to policy." To model this, HEI added two research themes to its research strategy: infectious diseases ("keeping bugs in check"), and perioperative care and medicine ("achieving worry-free surgery"). HEI will target funding and collaboration opportunities within these themes to build evidence and impact from bench to bedside to policy and by mobilizing new and better health research methods.